Anti Smashing Demonstration of Door’s New Barrier Gate

Date:2019-03-06 / Popularity: / Source:Door

In the parking management system equipment, the barrier gate is a basic application device. In practical applications, the safety of the gate system has always been the focus of attention. The news of the gates and gates is common in the news. In the current parking lot gate system, the common barrier flood control technology There are four types: ground tamper-proof technology, infrared tamper-proof technology, pressure wave tamper-proof technology, and digital tamper-proof technology.
Next, let's take a look at the performance of Door's new series of gates at the CPSE, and the real people demonstrate the anti smashing function.
Door’s new barrier gates adopts the anti-smashing technology and upgrades the resistance return device. When the brake lever is in contact with the vehicle or pedestrian (the contact force here is adjustable), the rubber strip under the device brake lever is subjected to resistance, and the intelligent resistance returning device immediately converts the falling rod state into the lever state. The gates rise to prevent smashing.