DRPJTD6012 outdoor face recognition integrated machine uses the world's leading face detection and recognition algorithm to run it in high-performance embedded platform, with 200W pixel camera, terminal for face detection, face tracking, and face recognition And can present corresponding feedback on the screen. This product can recognize 5 people at the same time. When the light environment is good, the face can be recognized up to 5 meters away. The face tracking and detection takes about 20ms, and the face feature extraction takes about 300ms. The face is time-consuming. About 0.1ms.
    Face capacity: 3000 sheets
    Recording capacity: 100,000
    Download card speed: 1 / 2 seconds (by 3,000 face test)
    Face comparison time: 1:N comparison time ≤0.5S/person
    Facial recognition distance: 0.3M ~ 3M
    Authentication method: face
    Support stranger detection, stranger level configurable;
    Support for live photo preservation when face recognition or stranger detection;
    Support interface docking and support customization;
    Support screen display content configuration;
    Model: DRTD6012
    Resolution: 200W pixels
    Type: RGB, infrared single camera
    Aperture: F2.4
    Focal length: 5.75mm
    White balance: automatic
    Size: 5 inches, 170° IPS LCD screen
    Resolution: 480 × 854
    General parameters
    IP Rating: IP42
    Power supply: DC12V (±10%)
    Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C
    Working humidity: 10% to 90%
    Power consumption: 10W MAX
    Equipment size: 536.25*φ114mm (height* diameter)
    Weight: 5kg