1. The first pendulum clutch design in this industry, manual lift rapidly in case of power failure.
    2, Original integrated movement structure design in the industry.
    3, First compression spring design in the industry, can effectively avoid accidents caused by spring pull off.
    4. Comprehensive application of multiple anti-smashing vehicles to ensure the safety of vehicles.
    5. Open multiple digital anti-smashing technologies such as priority protection and resistance rebound.
    6, support infrared radiation, pressure waves and other anti-smashing car interface.
    7, Various output interface, open, close, stop, open in place, off in place output. Meet the intelligent control requirements of parking lots.
    8, support RS485 communication interface.
    9. Support the traffic light control interface.
    10. Support the fleet module control interface.
    11. Multiple control methods for line control, remote control and communication protocol.
    Power supply voltage: AC220V
    Power Consumption: 120W
    Opening time: 6S, 3S, 1S optional
    Ambient temperature: -20 ° C ~ +65 ° C (in the ultra-low temperature environment, optional electronic temperature compensator)
    The center height of the gate: 0.85 meters
    Arm Type: straight within 6 meters , folding within 4.5 meters, two-bar fence within 4.5 meters, and three-bar fence within 4 meters optional 
    Passing instructions: LED scrolling display
    Housing dimensions: 340*305*1030mm
    Standard color: gray black, red black