1) The casing is durable and waterproof, which can be used in outdoor environments.
    2) The shape is simple and generous, with a clear view of the advertising light box and the flip board advertising space. The flaps are detachable, easy to change screens and easy to operate.
    3) Integrating light, electricity and mechanical control, the operation is flexible and convenient, and the use is safe and reliable.
    4) A variety of control modes are available for the user to select. The external control box button can be used to carry out manual control of the rise, fall, windproof and stop of the gate, and the remote control device can be selected to remotely control the operation of the gate.
    5) Adopting multiple protection measures (wind protection, motor thermal protection, anti-surge protection, anti-lightning protection, etc.), the safety and reliability of the gate operation are greatly improved.
    6) In addition to the general-purpose interface, the system adds other protective equipment such as air pressure waves, so that the system has functions such as preventing vehicles from smashing.
    7) It can be used with the optional vehicle detector to make it have the functions of “automatically falling after the car has passed” and “automatic lifting the arm once the car is under it”.
    Thereby, the gate can have an automatic closing and a perfect anti-smashing function.
    8) It has an opening function, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the passage of the vehicle.
    9) The system adopts a standard electrical interface, which can be easily connected to other systems selected by the user.
    10) All moving parts have been adjusted to the appropriate state of motion and balance, so the machine has stable performance, stable operation, low noise and long service life.
    Model: DR.DZ.DZ308
    Working voltage: AC220V+10%/50HZ
    Motor power: 110W
    Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C
    Relative humidity: ≤95%
    Arm length: ≤4m
    Advertising fence turning size: 750mm*90mm*N
    Screen Casing size: 875*413mm
    Lifting time: 5S
    Remote control distance: ≤30m
    Input interface: +12V level signal or pulse signal greater than 300ms; drive current greater than 10mA
    Housing size: 646*460*1110mm