1.Beautiful design with safety; exquisite craftsmanship; comfortable and humanity.
    2.Adopt DC brushless servo motor driver with good synchronization, stable operation, no noise, fast passing speed, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.
    3.Passing speed adjustable: Using PLC governor, the operating speed of the door can be adjusted according to the on-site traffic.
    4.High safety level: Combined with face/fingerprint recognition, ID/passport identification, and ticket identification, the real-name system is verified strictly. Double door interlocking, when the A/B door is opened, the B/A door is closed. Only meet all three types of identification can pass.
    5.Long life-span 5-8 years: use brushless servo motor driver, the motor does not need to replace the carbon brush, the failure rate is extremely low.
    6.It can be connected with the ticketing system of the passenger station, which can realize the verification release mode of “one ticket, one person, one card and one level card”.
    7.Seamlessly docking with the station ticketing system, only the tickets sold in accordance with the ticketing system can be verified to pass the ticket inspection on the gate, and the non-daily ticket or the checked ticket is restricted.
    8.It is connected with the system of police chasing personnel, drug addicts, and key monitoring personnel. The personnel information captured by the passenger station can be sent to the back-office public security personnel list for comparison in real time, providing face control and dynamic comparison for the public security department.
    9.Police, personnel track tracking query, personnel identification and other practical application functions provide strong support for public security prevention and control, criminal investigation and crime prevention, anti-terrorism and riot prevention.
    10.Only enter, limit reverse traffic, inbound and outbound traffic, optimize station management.
    11.The emergency call manager handles the problem, and the manager needs to verify the identity before releasing.
    Size: 2613.92 × 1100 × 1555.5mm
    Swing gate: Adopt AB gate swing gate, two pairs of doors form the control mode of AB gate
    Channel width: ≦700mm
    Drive mode: motor drive
    Working temperature: -25°C+70°C
    Working mode: Using multi-pair grating combination to realize the logic of pedestrian logic to realize traffic detection.
    Material: SUS304 brushed stainless steel on the whole body, the whole machine 2.0mm