Simple appearance;
    Dust-proof design, the shell uses a special paint, it is not easy to change color;
    The red and green two-color indication is clearly identifiable;
    Plexiglass panel, shell cold steel paint;
    Low power design with short circuit, overload, over current, over voltage protection;
    Adopt industrial design, after strict electrostatic, lightning strike and surge, group pulse test, etc., effectively ensure the reliable use of equipment;
    The luminous intensity of the lamp bead reaches 1600mcd, the visible distance is greater than 50m, and the viewing angle is wide;
    Multi-directional display content support for various crossroads.
    Model: DR.PJ.CC.9555W
    Working voltage: AC 110~240V
    Communication method: RS485 @ 9600bps
    Power consumption: ≤10W (one-way)
    Communication distance: ≤300m
    Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ +65 ° C
    Size: (can be customized) 2145*103*303mm 
    Ambient humidity: ≤90% RH (non-condensing)
    Appearance material: cold steel paint + plexiglass surface
    Light source: Green LEDs