1. Adopting internationally imported 32-bit ARM processor, all industrial grade design ensures stable and reliable products, and the entire system controller can be upgraded remotely to meet user needs at all times;
    2. Adopt CAN bus industrial grade communication interface design, signal communication is stable and reliable, and the transmission distance can reach 1.2 kilometers;
    3. The central controller uses RS485 industrial bus to communicate with terminal devices such as lower-level detectors and display screens;
    4. Adopting dual RS485 communication interface design, the two channels are completely independent of each other, and each bus can connect up to 25 RS485 devices, and the communication efficiency is high;
    5. The overall industrial design, after strict static, lightning and surge, group pulse and other tests, effectively ensure the reliable use of equipment;
    6. The equipment has short-circuit, reverse connection and misconnection protection design to prevent phase failure caused by short circuit, reverse connection and misconnection caused by wiring errors during construction.
    7. Electrical damage to the equipment;
    8. The power supply adopts industrial grade design and has short circuit, overload and over voltage protection functions;
    9. The communication bus adopts advanced anti-collision, fault-tolerant and error-correcting algorithm mechanism, which ensures the stability and reliability of communication;
    10. It can quickly and effectively detect various states of the device. After the installation is completed, the RS485 device communication status can be detected by one button, and the bus connection can be quickly diagnosed.
    Model: DR.PJ.CC.9552W
    Working temperature: -20 ~ +65 °C
    Size: 280 × 260 × 100mm
    Communication method: 1 way CAN @ 20kbps
                         2 way RS485 @ 9600bps
    Installation height: vertical 2 ~ 3m (recommended 2.5m)
    Horizontal position: Level 0~1m (recommended 0.3~0.5m)
    Power consumption: ≤ 2W (self power consumption, detector excluded)
    Net weight: 3.75Kg
    Working voltage: AC 110 ~ 240V
    Communication distance: CAN: ≤1000m (RVSP 0.75*2)
                         RS485: ≤150m (super 5 network cable)
    Housing material: gray cold steel paint
    Single node capacity: 25 (including detector and pilot split screen)